Our Capabilties:

Count On Tools is a single source supplier for all precision manufacturing needs. Whether you need fast turn-arounds, single parts, small lots, large quantities or a long term supply with on-time deliveries,we are able to supply you with the highest quality and service.

We strive to maintain consistent manufacturing precision through continuous upgrade of our equipment and inspection tools, as well as our own technical talent and expertise.Our skilled craftsmen work with you to integrate your creative designs into efficient production, ensuring economy and rapid time to market.We can help you with innovative machining solutions that contribute to the design and development of a product line that performs better and more economically for your application.

State-of-the-art CNC machining systems including high-speed cutting technologies. By eliminating secondary operations we reduce production costs and provide superior dimensional control part to part, and lot to lot. The highest level of expertise is applied to your project during every phase of the machining process, from your CAD file evaluation through fixture preplanning, machine programming and final operations.

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Equipment & Facility Material & Finishes Engineering Design Quality Control

High volume precision machined components
The best kind of job for us is a high volume, complex part in a free machining material (303, brass, TeCu) under 5/8" diameter.

Short run, blanket order custom machined parts
We also do many short run jobs, either on our CNC Swiss screw machines or on our CNC lathes. Often we'll do prototypes that lead to production runs. Most of our jobs are blanket orders. This means that the customer can get a volume discount, but receive precision machined components over 12 months, minimizing inventory. For example, you could order 12,000 pieces, but schedule them to be delivered in lots of 1,000 over the next year. We're flexible too, so if you find that you need to skip a month or pull in a delivery early, we'll make every effort to meet your requirements.


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